Catering on board

Catering on board our ship! 


Enjoy your lunch on board!

The combination of a cruise and a big lunch on board is a very nice experience for tourists. We are glad to offer you:
Norwegian Fjord Voyage's lunch buffet.

Smoked salmon, shrimps, sausages-peperoni, fresh green salad,potato salad,pickled herring, pickled herring in tomato sauce, remoulad , thousand island dressing,bread and flatbread. Dessert, coffee/tea. 

New offering: HOT  LUNCH.

Includes : chicken/karbonade with rice;stew chicken/beef Stroganoff; tea/ coffee.

Lunch box includes: smoked salmon,shrimps,ham,potato salad/green salad,tomatoes,butter,bread.Tea/coffee. 


Our catering staff will give you the best service!
Please , come to us with the meal-request in advance.

From the kiosk on board - we can offer:

Warm waffle and cofee/tea and beverage.