Pearls of the Hardangerfjord

Steinestø -Fyksesund

Combination of a cruise with visiting of a fruit farm in Steinestø will be the firstPEARL OF NORWAY in your collection.

You will come to an idyllic place in the Hardanger where eighth generation of a noble Norwegian family has grown fruits and berries. The owners of the farm will guide you from the past to the present of their orchard. You will get the TASTE of real NORWAY when you try homemade apple juice, jam, and jellies and, of course, their famous Steinestø Apple Cake!

The cruise with degustation takes 3 hours. We start our programme at 11.00 every day.

Welcome to Steinestø!

Eidfjord - Ulvik - Kinsarvik

When you travel with NORWEGIAN FJORD VOYAGE you will certainly find a PEARL OF NORWAY that is only for you…This cruise from Eidfjord to Kinsarvik with a stop in Ulvik for delicious dinner can become one of your PEARLS - picturesque place, tranquility and peace…
And though this trip ends in Kinsarvik, we invite you to continue the exploration of Norway and gathering its PEARLS from the other side of the fjord!
We start our trips every day at 14.30 and the cruise with dinner in Ulvik takes 3 hours.
The trip Kinsarvik-Ulvik (with stop in it for dinner) –Eidfjord will take 3 hours.

Bruravik-Osa –Ulvik

This cruise we start from Bruravik at 18.00 every day and it lasts for 2 hours which will become unforgettable for you.We also can organize a nice dinner in Ulvik at the end of the fjordcruise!